Why Need Cloud to Cloud Sync?

Important Data Backup

In life, some things are completely out of your control. If your computer crashes, your synced files will still be intact and easily accessible from any other computer.

Access Files from Anywhere

By using cloud syncing, you’ll have fast and easy access to your files-no need to transfer files back and forth using external hard drives.

Keep Files Up to Date

People may be plagued by a specific problem since the dawn of time and that ‘s managing file versions. Cloud syncing solves this problem so you can revert to an older version if you need to.

File Sharing

Whether you're coordinating with your team or updating a client, sharing your work is essential. This is where cloud file sync comes in handy to improve team productivity.

Release Local Computer Space

With files getting bigger and bigger, it's more difficult managing your computer's local storage. Syncing files across clouds can solve this issue perfectly.

Scenarios of Cloud Data Sync

Sync files between different cloud storage services

In most cases, people may have different cloud storage accounts because each cloud offers different features. Here are tutorials for those who have different clouds that need to do cloud to cloud sync.

Sync files between different accounts of same cloud provider

Many people may have different accounts for the same cloud provider. Here are tutorials for those who need to sync files from one cloud account to another.

MultCloud Cloud Sync

MultCloud’s Cloud Sync allows you to keep the same set of files and folders on any cloud storage accounts. Using it, you can sync cloud storage
from one to another in a seamless way. In brief, Cloud Sync can quickly and securely sync files to the location you need. As the best free online
cloud sync service, MultCloud offers different features to fulfill data migration, like:

What Makes MultCloud Stand Out?

  • Safe Sync

    During the sync process, data remains within your security boundaries as MultCloud won’t store any data. Your data is managed by yourself.

  • Easy Sync

    The best free cloud sync service-MultCloud Cloud Sync enables you to perform stress-free sync across clouds directly without having downloading and uploading.

  • Fast Sync

    Use dedicated servers and open multi-threads to synchronize your data so that you can obtain data wherever you are on time. Sync unlimited TB of data at impeccable speed.

  • Complete Sync

    Sync cloud drive to others without data loss. Track migration status at every point with all details.

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