About MultCloud

MultCloud is a free app that allows you to connect all your cloud drives and transfer or sync files from one cloud service directly to another. You can also manage online files from multiple clouds all under one virtual roof with upload, download, cut, copy, paste, move, delete. Rename, etc.

  • Directly transfer files from one cloud drive to another.
  • Sync clouds and scheduled cloud-to-cloud backup.
  • Completely FREE and easy to manage your online storage.
  • File transfer in background with browser closed.
  • Cloud File Transfer
  • Cloud File Sync
  • Cloud File Manager
  • Other Features
  • Transfer Data across Cloud Drives

    Copy, move or migrate files from one cloud directly to another with Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop, instead of downloading and re-uploading files between different cloud accounts anymore. For instance, you can copy and paste a certain file from Dropbox to Google Drive through a windows type of service or set up a transfer task to migrate one cloud to another.

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  • Offline Data Transfer

    The process of transfer runs on the server of MultCloud, so the data is still transferring even when your device is power off. As it is offline cloud sync or transfer, once you launch data transmission, you can simply shut down your browser or computer and leave the rest to MultCloud.

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  • Schedule Cloud Transfer

    MultCloud, a cloud based file transfer manager, enables users to schedule automatic files transfer from one cloud storage to another at a regular interval or for a special timing. So you can make use of automatic operation to "backup" data between clouds. As it is offline transfer, you don’t have to turn on your computer to start the transmission. Once the transmission is complete you can get an Email Notification.

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  • Cloud Transfer Filter

    The “Filter” system enables MultCloud users to copy files with certain extensions from one cloud to another PC cloud. For instance, if you want to sync or backup a large number of image files from Flickr to Google Photos, you can just enter the extensions of these pictures to work it out.

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  • Sync Data on Multiple Clouds

    “Two-way Sync” and 7 custom options in “One-way Sync” to fulfill all your needs about syncing folders or files between two cloud drives. Sync the files in one cloud storage once the files are modified in the other cloud. Sync all files or files in a certain folder from one cloud to another. Schedule cloud sync or cloud to cloud backup at a regular interval like daily, weekly or monthly.

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  • MySQL Backup and Cloud Backup

    With the functions of MultCloud, we can not only backup data between cloud storage services for double insurance of cloud backup, but also backup MySQL database to other online storage to protect data from unexpected disasters. For example, we can preset data backup from MySQL to FTP daily, weekly, monthly.

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  • Email Notification

    Email notification to inform you about the result of cloud file transfer or sync when it’s done. You’ll know if the transmission succeeds or fails, so you don’t have to check the process of cloud to cloud migration from time to time.

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  • Manage All Clouds in One Place

    Access and manage online files on all clouds with a simple app. Find files including the same file name on different clouds on a single list and manage the files with upload, download, cut, copy, paste, move, delete, rename, etc., just like in Windows Explorer. For instance, you can do cloud and FTP management in MultCloud.

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  • Combination of Multi-clouds Space

    Integrate multiple cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, MEGA, FTP, etc. in one place and merge free cloud storage together. In this way, you “expand” more free online space to store files/folders, documents/sheets, photos/pictures/images, videos/movies and music.

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  • Cloud Explorer for Multi-clouds

    Access all online files with a single login. Search for files from all clouds on a single interface. Copy & Paste to do cloud file transfer or move files between cloud storage through a windows explorer type service.

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  • Public and Private Sharing

    MultCloud enables cloud users to not only access online files on all clouds from a single interface, but also manage cloud file sharing in private or public across clouds. You can view and share your files on multiple clouds in a single list.

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  • Save Shared Files Directly to Cloud

    You can offline save files shared with you directly to your cloud storage. Between MultCloud users, when a Dropbox user shares a file to a Google Drive user via MultCloud, the Google Drive user can save the file directly to his Google Drive or quickly save the shared link in the “Saved Shares” tab.

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  • Cloud Offline Download

    MultCloud enables users to offline download web files directly to their cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, box, SugarSync, Flickr, FTP, MEGA ... by simply entering the URL of the files.

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  • Sub-accounts Manager

    MultCloud allows users to create sub-accounts with various permissions (read, write, all) to access certain folders of the primary account and manage all these sub-accounts from a single interface. Therefore, if you send the username and password of the sub-account to another person, he would be able to login MultCloud with the sub-account and access the folders you shared with.

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  • Multi-server Parallel Transmission

    The parallel data transmission technology gives attribute to the success rate of cloud file transfer increased by 200% and it also enables users to transfer, sync and backup data simultaneously across clouds, so the transfer speed can be fast as twice as traditional serial transmission.

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  • Transfer/Sync Task Management

    View and administrate cloud file transfer or sync in the task management interface. From there, you can view the details of process of each cloud to cloud migration, transmission speed, remaining time, etc. You can also modify cloud file transfer/synchronization task with many options like transferring, canceling, scheduling, etc.

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  • Google Chrome Extension App

    Add MultCloud to Google Chrome. If you are a Google Chrome user, you can search “MultCloud” on Google Chrome extension store and add it to your Google Chrome so that you can create new cloud transfer task to move file server cloud to the others. You can check and manage all your cloud to cloud transfer or cloud to cloud sync tasks just by clicking a small icon on your Google Chrome.

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