• Yandex is free network storage designed by Russia. You can get 10GB free storage space after registering. And then, Every time you invite a friend, you can get 512M space freely. The space ceiling is 10GB. You can upload files through web, or clients. Under the help of MultCloud, you can offer Yandex cloud storage to OneDrive, Amazon, Hidrive, Google Drive, MEGA, Dropbox, etc.

  • Support read-only

    Every time you update new files, and then they can be uploaded and renamed.

  • Huge free space

    You can get total storage space about 20GB freely.

  • Create external link

    It is very easy to create external link and share it to other people.

New functions of Yandex in MultCloud

MultCloud is a free Cloud online application that manages multiple Clouds and transfers data across data. You can add Yandex to MultCloud, and extend storage space of Yandex. Please sign up.

  • Move files across Clouds

    You can move files on Yandex to OneDrive, Amazon, Hidrive, Google Drive, MEGA, Dropbox, etc.

  • Transfer data after shuting down

    Computer can be quiet to help you to transfer your files between two clouds at backstage after shutting down.

  • Scheduled transfer

    Yandex in MultCloud allow you to set a specific time point to transfer data and file to other clouds such as google Drive, or MyDrive etc.

     If you want to transfer, backup and sync data among different Clouds, Register to enjoy it