Why Perform Box to OneDrive Migration?

Now, more and more people choose cloud storage tools to improve the coordination of work to better handle the work content. Box and OneDrive as file storage assistants and work collaboration tools are favored by a large number of individual and enterprise users. However, in terms of price and collaboration features, Box is slightly inferior to OneDrive.

OneDrive provides lower prices in for different editions, so that users can spend less money to get the same service. For users, reducing the cost of using certain products has always been an important consideration. In addition, if enterprise users choose OneDrive as a file storage tool for work, the low price will allow enterprises to reduce capital investment.

Obviously, many users are using Microsoft Office today due to its convenient document editing function. Users can greatly improve work efficiency with the strong functions provided in this office software.

OneDrive for Business can be perfectly integrated with Microsoft Office, so that users not only store important data with OneDrive, but also can coordinate their work to improve office efficiency. For enterprises, if they choose OneDrive for Business for employees so as to gain efficient collaboration, which will improve the company's project progress accordingly.

Box VS OneDrive

Next, this article will compare Box and OneDrive in detail so that you can make the best choice.

1. OneDrive is Cheaper than Box

In general, OneDrive costs you $12,000 for 100 users annually, Box costs $18,000 for 100 users annually. The prices of the two products are different depending on the edition. The following part provides a corresponding table to compare the paid editions for your reference.

Box and OneDrive Price Comparation
Box and OneDrive Price Comparation

2. OneDrive Provides Strong Collaboration

In addition to considering the price factor, users may also consider the product's file storage and collaboration functions. Regarding the file storage function, since both products are used as third-party cloud storage services, there is obviously no comparison in this regard. Then, the most worthwhile consideration for users may be the role of work coordination.


A highly collaborative culture helps to keep staff engaged and increases productivity, that is, completing high-quality projects on time. Especially for companies, a high degree of collaboration between employees is very important. OneDrive business plan comes with Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, making it ideal for business applications, but Box cannot integrate Microsoft Office.

In terms of price and collaboration, OneDrive has an advantage over Box. Taking the above two points into consideration, individuals and businesses may tend to choose OneDrive. But move files from Box to OneDrive will be definitely difficult for many people. Next, this article will give you some guidelines and suggestions on how to perform cloud-to-cloud migration.

Preparations for Box to OneDrive Migration

Any cloud-to-cloud migration for individuals or enterprises is a daunting task. When moving data from Box to OneDrive, there are many things to consider. This article provides preliminary preparations for data migration based on the users’ needs to help them successfully migrate from Box to OneDrive.

Clearly Know the Size of Data

Before data migration, it is necessary to clearly understand the specific size of the data and files that need to be migrated. In this way, when performing data migration, companies can plan the timelines of the entire operation to better coordinate various related departments to carry out related work.

Develop a Clear Implementation Process

In order to perform the migration accurately without generating millions of bugs and errors, a clear project implementation process is required. As part of the migration plan, documentation is required. This will ensure that stakeholders and project executors can access relevant reference materials for future course corrections, bug fixes and conversions.

Prepare a User Onboarding Plan

The enterprises must develop an onboarding plan and make it consistent with the entire migration project. User acceptance of the migration object is one of the biggest post-migration challenges that enterprises usually face, so that the enterprises should provide users with early access to OneDrive a few weeks before the start of the migration.

In this way, employees can use OneDrive correctly so as to avoid serious security risks caused by the lack of platform knowledge.

Simple Box to OneDrive Migration Guide

Box to OneDrive
Box to OneDrive

Choosing a Right Tool - MultCloud

After making a complete migration plan, the most important link is to choose a migration tool. General file migration tools are application tools. If you use these tools for data migration, it is very likely that the migration will fail due to compatibility issues. Therefore, many users choose to use web-based programs, so that when they encounter any problems, users can complete the data migration operation with the assistance of relevant technical support personnel.

Here is a free online multiple cloud manager-MultCloud that can meet the needs of big data migration. With the following features, you can easily realize the file transfer function between multiple clouds, and you can also perform sync between cloud storage services.

1. Easy to Use: MultCloud supports one-click free registration, so you can try to register a temporary account by selecting the option of "Experience without signing up" on the registration interface. And it is a web-based program, which can be used on a browser as long as the device is connected to the Internet without downloading any installation package.

2. Strong Compatibility: MultCloud supports more than 30 cloud drives, such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, G Suite, MEGA, AmazonS3, Box and so on. You can add the cloud drive account you use for easy data management of multiple cloud drives.

3. Rich Function: MultCloud provides rich functions, such as, "Cloud Explorer", "Cloud Transfer", "Cloud Sync", and "Add Clouds". The combined use of the four functions can greatly improve the convenience and makes it easier for you to perform multiple cloud management and data transferring or syncing.

How to Perform Box to OneDrive Migration Step by Step?

After choosing the right tool, the migration will be implemented accordingly. Next, this article introduces the operation steps in detail so that you can easily complete the data migration.

Step 1. Sign Up

Visit MultCloud and create a free account. You need to enter your preferred email, username, and password. Then click "Create Account".

Sign Up
Sign Up

Note: If you select "Experience without signing up" to register a temporary account, you'd better remember your temporary account and password to facilitate the next login.

Step 2. Add Box and OneDrive to MultCloud

Click the "Add Clouds" to select Box to add. Follow the instructions to grant MultCloud access to the account you are connecting to. Then add a OneDrive account in the same way, and click the "Next" icon to go to the next step.

Add Box and OneDrive
Add Box and OneDrive

Note: From the left panel of the "Add Clouds" interface, you can check whether the cloud drive has been added successfully.

Step 3. Transfer Box to OneDrive

For file migration, there are three solutions to choose from MultCloud. If a user, especially an individual user, wants to move some files, you can choose the first two solutions. The third solution is more suitable for transferring a large number of files or folders, which are more user-friendly for enterprises. Next, this article will describe these three solutions separately.

Solution 1. For Personal: Drag and Drop Files

Checked the target file in Box, dragging the file to OneDrive by holding the left mouse button. If you want to drag and drop several files or folders at once, you can also tick multiple files or folders together.

Drag Files from Box to Onedrive
Drag Files from Box to Onedrive

Solution 2. For Personal: Copy Files by Choosing “Copy to”

Checked the target file in Box, right-click and select “Copy to” from the pop-up window.

Copy Files from Box to OneDrive
Copy Files from Box to OneDrive

Then select OneDrive and click "Transfer" to move the file. "Move" is an optional button. If you choose it, the file in Box will be deleted after transferring.

Copy to Option
Copy to Option

Solution 3. For Enterprise: Transfer Files with "Cloud Transfer" Function

Unlike the first two, this method can allow you to move many files from Box to OneDrive. Click "Cloud Transfer" to select Box to choose the file or folder you want to transfer and select OneDrive to choose the target directory. Then, click the "Transfer Now" icon to complete the file transfer.

Transfer from Box to OneDrive
Transfer from Box to OneDrive

Enterprises can add OneDrive for Business accounts through Step 1, and then perform file migration operations through Step 3. In this way, companies can wait for the program to perform the migration operation from Box to OneDrive for Business without redundant operation steps so as to save a lot of times to handle other hassle matters.


  • In the "Options" interface, you can choose the ways of cloud to cloud transfer by checking the functions below "General", "Email" and "Filter".

  • Cloud Transfer Options
    Cloud Transfer Options
  • If you want to automatically move files from Box to OneDrive regularly, you can enable "Schedule" and MultCloud can run your tasks as scheduled.
  • If many folders need to be transferred, you can close the page at the beginning of the task so as not to prevent you from handling other important things, because MultCloud can run the task in the background.


With the above content, you can perform Box to OneDrive migration effortlessly. Of course, if you have other cloud drives supported by MultCloud, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, you can also follow the above steps to export Dropbox to Google Drive.

In short, before data migration, you'd better do the relevant preliminary preparations, so that if any problems occur, you can quickly solve them and then smoothly implement the next steps. In addition, the right Box to OneDrive migration tool will also become your good helper, so that you can complete your work extremely easily.

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