SharePoint is a cloud-based service hosted by Microsoft. Any business can subscribe to a standalone SharePoint Online service and create sites to share documents or information with employees, colleagues, partners and customers. All in all, it is collaborative cloud storage to store, organize and access data on your team site from any device.

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SharePoint Features

Team Site

A team site includes a group of related webpages and a default document library for files, lists for data management. Everyone in the team can access and work on the shared content and resources together from anywhere.

Document Library Accessibility

Page landmarks for easy navigation, keyboard shortcuts for various tasks, updates on upload progress, improved callout readings and updates for help documentation.

Enterprise Grade Security

All communication to and from SharePoint across the Internet uses SSL/TLS connections,established using 2048-bit keys. So,all data are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access during your access.

Make Fullest Use of SharePoint via Multcloud

MultCloud, a free yet powerful cloud management tool, allows you to place and manage multiple clouds in one place. Adding SharePoint and other cloud drives into MultCloud, you can check a list of all sites information directly, more convenient than utilizing the Search in SharePoint official site. Besides, it will be quite easy to move files, folders between different SharePoint account, or even sync, transfer SharePoint to other cloud service. For example, you can sync SharePoint with Google Drive, migrate files from Wasabi to SharePoint and vice versa. Please sign up to enjoy it.Click here to learn more about functions about MultCloud

Connect Multiple Clouds Seamlessly

Transfer, sync and backup files between your clouds in only one app

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