MEGA is a cloud storage service equipped with the cutting-edge encryption technology. Once you create a MEGA account, you will get 20GB of free storage space. Then you can preserve and manage various types of files such as documents, photos, videos, etc. on MEGA for backup.

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MEGA Features

End-to-end encryption

Your data on MEGA are encrypted with keys that are controlled by you. And all encryption on data will be operated on the Client instead of the Server.

Multiple ways to access

You can access your data from any devices, anytime and anywhere.

Share files

You are allowed to share files with your contacts and see their updates in real time.

Use Multcloud to Add More Features to MEGA

MultCloud is a free and professional cloud management app that allows you to manage multiple clouds in one place. Meanwhile, you can move data across cloud services/accounts. Anyway, you can integrate MEGA and other clouds into MultCloud and manage those clouds efficiently. Please sign up to enjoy it.Click here to learn more about functions about MultCloud

Connect Multiple Clouds Seamlessly

Transfer, sync and backup files between your clouds in only one app

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