• Egnyte enables users not only to do cloud-sharing and private access to the files behind the firewall, but also site-to-site replication across multiple offices, large file transfer with clients, etc. It can be a beneficial and smart addition for every business that wishes to take file sharing to a higher level. And MultCloud enables you to migrate egnyte across clouds. For instance, with the help of MultCloud, you can transfer Dropbox Business to Egnyte, cutting out the step of downloading and re-uploading the files.

  • Access control

    Identify and eliminate public links to help you comply with regulatory requirements and find unusual user access patterns to avoid data leakage.

  • Mobility Security

    Access, sync and share all types of files online from any devices anywhere, anytime and use your own devices doesn't impact security.

  • Administration & management

    Gain full system visibility in a single, integrated dashboard and manage your users, groups, permissions, and devices.

  • Smart reporting & auditing

    Use system-wide analytics to gain insights in to usage patterns and optimize policies and procedures around your security requirements.

New functions of Egnyte in MultCloud

Once you have added your Egnyte account to MultCloud, you'll find how easy it can be as your Egnyte and other cloud drives (like OneDrive for business, Dropbox Business, box, etc.) work closely. You can not only log in Egnyte and other online storage services from a single interface, but also transfer, sync or backup the files on Egnyte across clouds. Please sign up and try MultCloud.

  • Move files across Clouds

    You can transfer data from Egnyte to OneDrive for Business, SugarSync, Amazon, Hidrive, Google Drive, MEGA Dropbox, etc.

  • Transfer data after shuting down

    If you shut down your browser or computer, MultCloud can still finish transfer task you have set.

  • Scheduled transfer

    Scheduled transfer can move data from OneDrive to other cloud on fixed time, or vice verse.

     If you want to transfer, backup and sync data among different Clouds, Register to enjoy it