Egnyte not only enables users to do cloud-sharing and private accessing to the files behind the firewall, but also does site-to-site replication across multiple locations. This service can be a beneficial and smart addition for business that wishes to take information governance and employee productivity to a higher level.

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Egnyte Features

Access control

Identify and eliminate public links to help you comply with regulatory requirements and find unusual user access patterns to avoid data leakage.

Mobility security

Access, sync and share all types of files online from any devices, anywhere, anytime. And no matter what devices you use, it won’t impact security.

Administration & management

Gain full system visibility in a single and integrated dashboard. Also manage your users, groups, permissions, and devices.

Use Multcloud to Add More Features to Egnyte

Once you have added your Egnyte account to MultCloud, you’ll find how easy it can be to manage your Egnyte to other cloud drives (like OneDrive for business, Dropbox Business, box, etc.) in only one app. Specially, you not only can perform basic features such as downloading, deleting, sharing etc. but also enjoy advanced features such as transferring, syncing, backing up from Egnyte to other clouds. Please sign up and try MultCloud.Click here to learn more about functions about MultCloud

Connect Multiple Clouds Seamlessly

Transfer, sync and backup files between your clouds in only one app

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