Manage Cloud File Sharing with Sub Accounts

Once you have connected your online storage services to MultCloud, you can create sub-accounts with access permissions (All, Read Only, Write Only) to some of the folders on your cloud storage services. And if you send the username and password of the sub-account to another person, he or she would be able to login MultCloud with the sub-account and access the folders you shared with.
For instance, you have created a sub-account to access a folder named as “Photos” in your Google Drive, your friends who know this sub-account will not only be able to view your images but also upload their image to this folder by logging in MultCloud, even if he or she is not a Google Drive user! In this way, you can easily share online files on separate clouds to anyone you’d like to. All you need is to create a sub-account and ask your friend to log in this single account instead of logging in all these separate clouds to access all the shared files or folders.

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