Cloud shared files management

MultCloud is a simple cloud manager that allows multiple cloud users to connect all their clouds and securely access all the data like files, documents, images, music and videos from multiple cloud storage services. And between MultCloud users, when someone shares a link on Dropbox to someone who uses Google Drive, the Google Drive user can quickly save the shared link just by clicking a small button and he or she can also view all shared files with him or her on different cloud services in a single list.

What can MultCloud help me with?

Online storage is an integral part of life now, but with so many cloud storage services (for instance, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box ... )with different features, many people use different clouds depending on their needs. However, if people shares files on different cloud services to you, you might have to log in all these cloud services to manage all these online files. Now, with MultCloud, you can quick save shared links to MultCloud just by clicking a button and then you can view and manage a list of all shared links from different clouds.

How to quick save and manage all shared links?

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Supported Cloud Drives

MultCloud supports Dropbox, OwnCloud, WebDAV, Google Drive, MEGA, etc. all almost 30 cloud drives. These clouds are popular and safe cloud storages which gain large number of users all over the world.

Other features