Backup MySQL database to cloud

Basically, MultCloud is a web-based cloud manager that enables you to manage all your online storage services with one app, including MySQL. With MultCloud, you can link your MySQL database to other clouds like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA, WebDAV, FTP, etc, and you can backup MySQL to all these online storage services. You can schedule MySQL backup at a regular interval, so your MySQL database can be backed up automatically.

Backup MySQL with MultCloud

MultCloud has provided 8 different custom options for users to sync or backup their data between online storage services. For instance, we can backup MySQL to FTP server with the option --- “Full Backup Sync”, and in that way, each time we run the MySQL to FTP backup, MultCloud will automatically create a new folder on FTP server to save the data in MySQL. As a result, you can have the backups of MySQL data of a period of time.

How to automatically backup MySQL online?

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Supported Cloud Drives

MultCloud supports Dropbox, OwnCloud, WebDAV, Google Drive, MEGA, etc. all almost 30 cloud drives. These clouds are popular and safe cloud storages which gain large number of users all over the world.

Other features